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Bathtub or Standing Shower?

There are many questions that you are going to answer during the bathroom renovation process.  One of the main questions being should you install a tub or a standing shower?  So how do you go about choosing which is best for you, your family and your home? Most importantly, it depends on...

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Add Value to Your Home with a Bathroom Upgrade

If you’re selling your home in preparation of a move or simply want to upgrade your bathroom for a more modern look, there are some questions you should ask before the project begins. Will you rely primarily on professionals for your bath remodel , or will you install all new tile and fixtures yours...

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How to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing this Winter

With the Polar Vortex heading our way, everyone is susceptible to colder temperatures, even people in southern climates. Unfortunately, one of the complications of colder weather (besides having to shovel snow and drive slowly) is the possibility of pipes freezing. Frozen pipes are the last problem...

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Benefits of a Walk-In Tub

Do you have difficulty getting in and out of your bathtub? Are you worried about falling in your shower? As you get older, it is important to ensure both your safety and your independence.  Walk-in tubs are the solution for you. These shows for elderly boast a vast range of amenities that allow...

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Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Bath or Shower

Whether you’re remodeling your home or simply doing repairs, the bathroom should be a top priority. Don’t forget about your bath or shower! Even if you don’t need immediate repairs, replacing a shower will increase your home’s value. If your bath or shower is old and unsightly, getting a replacement...

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Long-Term Solution Done In A Short Time

Most homeowners do not have the time or money to spend on a complete bathroom remodel. Planning can take days, installation can take weeks and it can take a small fortune to complete! Bath Pros offers an alternative that is quick and easy on your wallet. So if your bathroom is outdated, uncomforta...

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